Father’s Day: 5 Fantastic Finds

Let’s just face it, men are the hardest of the species to shop for! And if your baby daddy is anything like mine, he’s very particular about, well everything! So, this year I’ve had Yiannis sit down, scroll t’web and list his top 5 favourite finds for father’s day. But, first let’s just stop a moment to appreciate that awesome bit of alliteration… Ok, ok, read on, read on!


Apparently men love mugs. Go figure! And at Asda they’ve a whole selection of Daddy Day, “Big up” mugs. From as little as £1


Yiannis is an absolute All star Addict (at it again, sorry!). Luckily converse have a sale on at the moment. Find leather high tops marked down to £29.99


He reckons he’s like most men in that he lives with a desperate need for clothes but, zero ability to be arsed to do anything about it! He says socks are always a good shout, but if you wanna go for something a bit more exciting buy shirts. Anything from Slogan T-shirts to long sleeved, formal shirts. Any form of body coverage will always come in handy. His tip is quantity not quality! As likelihood is they’ve probably washed the car, fixed the sink or been out down the bottom of the garden doing side slide goals with the kids in that designer number you bought them last Christmas as they’ve zilch else to wear!


Yiannis says that we’ve this unspoken agreement where I pretend he has a say in the decor of our home and he pretends to believe it. He’s a little bit, totally right to be fair. However, one of my favourite gifting ideas was actually gifted to my brother by his best man. Nothing more than a piece of wrapping paper, but professionally framed. Why not let the kids get creative (on the cheap) and then splash out on having what they make professionally framed to suit your decor! Check out our Father’s Day Pin Board for inspo!


The arrival of bambinos definitely takes the ‘chill’ outter Netflixin’. But, watching a mooovie or binge watching a box set ranks high as a favourite past time Papa G. And he’s in approval of The Guardians top 100 boxset rankings. Their shouts being

•The Wire

•The West Wing

•This Is England

•Summer Heights High

and our personal fave (that we’re currently working our way through);


What ever you do and/or gift this Father’s day have fun and remember not all super heroes wear capes! More often than not they walk around in moth bitten slippers with wind that could immobilise an adult Rhino.

Much love,

Berrit & Yianni xx

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