BBQ: Fish Recipe


There’s nothing better than a BBQ platter and an ice cold beverage in the summer months.  Most peoples go to favourites are the classic burger and sausage.  However, it’s well worth changing up these heavy, meaty delights for something a little lighter and dare I say it more summery (pausing to see if the rain gods heard).

Nothing evokes my memories of those (pre-baby) Grecian port sunsets and romantic holiday date nights like a good BBQ’d fish supper and a chilled glass of grown up juice.

So, where to start and what to try?  Here are some of our family’s favourites:

  • King prawns – So easy and low maintenance cooking, these babies can be on and off the grill in minutes and unlike burgers or sausages don’t need to be cut into to see if they have been safely cooked or not, just watch their colour go from light grey to dark pink and you’re good to serve up!
  • Calamari/Kalamari – Always best when bought fresh from your local fish monger, have them gut and prep it for you but leave the body uncut and in one piece, this way you will find it grills better and is less likely to go rubbery. Top tip for this one is to only slice it once it’s ready to serve.
  • Snapper fish – Keep it nice and simple; for the best results season only with salt and pepper.  If you’re feeling adventurous pack it with some sliced lemons.  Unlike the first two, Snapper will need to be left on the grill for at least 35-40 mins.  This is where preparation is key.  We will often serve up a Smörgåsbord to keep guests hunger pangs at bay while they wait for the ‘pièce de résistance’.
  • Mussels – If you’ve a tight grid grill just chuck them on and keep squeezing lemon juice over them so they get a good aromatic smoke and steam bath as they cook.  One of the best gifts we ever received was a BBQ wok, well worth investing in for such dishes if you wanna go pro!  Failing that wrap the mussels and a couple halved lemons in tin foil, place on the barbecue and pierce the tin with a skewer to make some holes to aerate the package.
  • Swordfish steaks – The perfect replacement for red meat lovers and one our most favourites to grill.  Swordfish was made to be BBQ’d as it holds up well on the grill.  It’s also very versatile, steaks can be grilled as is (3-5 mins each side, depending on the thickness of the cut) or diced up to make skewers (cooking time: roughly 8 mins).  Try marinating (for 30 mins) in Teriyaki sauce before cooking.


Serving Suggestions

  • Fresh Lemon Sauce – (2/3 oil to 1/3 lemon). Simply squeeze the lemons into a shaker along with a few pinches of salt and some extra virgin olive oil, then shake.  Pour over any grilled fish or use it to dip your prawns.
  • Grilled Toast – Rub each piece of bread (both sides) with a peeled and halved garlic, dress two plates, one with olive oil and the other with dried oregano. Quickly dip the bread in the oil (both sides, don’t let it become saturated), then transfer onto the oregano before putting on to the grill for 1-2 minutes on each side; depending on how hot the coals are.  Season with salt when serving.
  • Tomato and Samphire salad – Slice the tomatoes and toss them in with the steamed (and cooled) samphire and capers, dress generously with olive oil and red wine vinegar.  Season to taste with salt.

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  1. Aussie Dave

    Snapper every time! Although I do love calamari but I always over cook it!

  2. Booberrit

    Flash cook, high heat and lots of lemon and oil!!!!!

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