Family Fun Day: The Annual Cultural Market

We braved our way through the snow today and were sure of a  big surprise! Deep in the heart of Hulme is Z-Arts, a creative space for young people dedicated to maximising creativity. Today as well as a selection of plays and shows the charity played host to The Annual Cultural Market.

In association with Cariocca Enterprises and The Louise Da-Cocodia Education Trust, the market purveyed an absolute feast for the eyes with beautifully hand crafted art,  gifts and treats.

The greatest part of attending events such as the Cultural Market is being able to help support organisations and charities that facilitate talented, dedicated individuals who might otherwise go unrepresented.

This is what happens when communities come together: tables adorned with beautiful colours and intricate designs to inspire everyone.

Local cake artisan Fee Dee Baker, sharing her wares and giving everyone a happy sugar high.

Get your Christmas orders in now…

The Z-Arts building itself alone is a wonder to explore.

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

What better way to end another family fun packed day; fighting the cold by upping our calorie intake – it’s purely medicinal!

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