Pop TV Review: 44 Cats

A huge hit in Italy 44 Cats is currently on Nick Jnr and has just been released on to the Freeview channel: POP TV.  So, we’ve been asked to review it! When I say ‘we’ I totally mean here’s Theon reviewing 44 cats!

A feel good, fun series mainly about 4 fun Cats with lots of music and dancing with a moral to be learnt with each tale (or is that tail?).  


44 Cats mainly revolves around four cats: Lampo (the cool one), Milady (The sensible, kind one), Meatball (The never stops thinking about food one) and Pilou (The cute, musical one).

Aimed at pre-schoolers 44 Cats is right up Theon’s street. His favourite episode is below, which follows the gang helping their friend Cosmo make it to the moon and Mars. He giggled all the way through, why not have a watch before you tune in for yourself.

Mum’s thoughts

For me I was really happy that 44 Cats seems to place a high emphasis on friendship, sharing and comradery. As well as promoting imagination through it’s style of story telling and use of music.

Theons Thoughts

“The cats were so cute and funny!”

NB: This is a paid review. However, all opinions within this article are our own.

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