Postpartum fitness: End Of Week Two


Welcome back to the latest instalment of my postpartum fitness journey. Personal trainer Amy has given me four weeks to get myself in “shape” and on track to feeling my stronger, fitter pre-pregnancy self. Another week down and although I’ve not lost any weight this week a shock progress picture has left me totally gobsmacked!


This journey to postpartum fitness has never been about losing weight. I want my core strength back. I need my energy back. Theon’s two now and with two children under two, running round after a toddler whilst hooked up to a constantly on charge breast fed baby is nothing sheer of exhausting. Partly because motherhood and breastfeeding in particular are extremely draining and in part because I’m not getting any younger. Emotionally, like most new mums I’ve felt very wobbly since giving birth to P. Combine this with the lack of sleep and an ageing, groaning body I had felt myself feeling like the last slithers of my mental health were just slipping through my fingers.

Two weeks on, I feel more energised. Still just as tired, who’s not tired on less than 5 hours sleep a night. But I feel better equipped to deal with the sleepless nights. I’m already feeling stronger and my mum bum and tum definitely feel tighter. Don’t get me wrong I’m no Kate Moss (love you K.M but I wouldn’t want to be either). However, I definitely feel my swag coming back. That spring and desire to get dressed and not just hide away in my PerJers has returned and ultimately I feel good about myself.

As well as upping my exercise and watching my calories I’ve scheduled in 1/2 an hour a day (minimum) to spend on myself with him indoors also committed to making it happen.

  • Monday: Full body scrub and stayed in the shower for a full 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: Face pack and painted my toenails
  • Wednesday: Hair mask and read my book. At this rate I should be done reading before the end of the decade!
  • Thursday: Did my eyebrows in peace while dad took the baes to the supermarket
  • Friday: I went for a walk for half an hour (alone) before catching up with the rest of the family a little later
  • Saturday: After our jump session at Inflata Nation I went shopping at the Trafford centre and topped up on pamper supplies, including some fancy coffee
  • Sunday: After getting both kids down for a nap, I sacked off the house work, locked myself in the kitchen and drank a whole pot of that nice coffee I’d bought the day before

The results of which (no matter how small) have left our entire family unit feeling happier. I’ve also noticed that as my anxiety has started to ebb, so have the communal sleepless nights.


So those pics!??? I hear you cry. Ok, so, I know its vain. But we’ve all got ego’s and I’m only human, but I’ve swayed back and forth on whether to share. And in all honesty I wanted to publish this update a few days earlier, but still hadn’t found the confidence to share. That was until I spoke to Yanni, who’s basic response was:

“You’re a human, you gained some kilos and what?”

And he’s right, ‘and what!?’ So, here they are (with measurements).



Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weight: 11 stone 4 pounds

Dress size: 14

Left: End of week 2    Right: Beginning of Week 1


Top: End of week 2  Bottom: Beginning of week 1



















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