Postpartum: Hair loss

Postpartum hair loss is a bitch. With every pregnancy I’ve been blessed with a glorious barnet of thick, glossy hair. No matter how crap I’ve felt throughout, my hair has always been on point. Obviously a glitch in the matrix as mere mortals like me aren’t allowed Becky hair! Practically 24 hours postpartum, with Theon clumps of my hair were clogging up the plug hole and blocking the Hoover. But with Penelope I thought I’d found a way to trick the system. I went fourteen whole weeks without any hair loss. I truly thought I’d managed to cling on to my luscious locks. Then just as I was considering what revamp I should ask the hairdresser for. Mother nature (the hormonal bitch) barged her way in and took back her furry crown.

It was a further two or three, maybe even four weeks before I could muster the bravery to say something. Experiencing it with both kids made me think that maybe this was a normal thing. That postpartum hair loss was a thing. I had to have a rant and see if anyone else was feeling a bit breezy on top. So I posted a quick update on my facebook stories. And to my absolute surprise and somewhat pleasure (glad to have comrades not that your foreheads were also gaining real estate!) a lot of you have suffered the same.


With such a lengthy feed of response I thought I’d share everyones suggested tips and remedies:

  • Biotin supplements
  • Treseme biotin shampoo
  • Eating liquorice
  • Have you Folic acid and Iron levels checked
  • Pregnacare ‘New Mum’
  • Lamberts Maxi Hair
  • Olaplex treatment
  • Head bands (cover up while it re-grows)
  • Eye shadow to darken and fill in your hairline
  • Massaging greek yogurt and honey along the hair line
  • Egg yolk hair mask
  • Washing your hair with beer
  • Cut your hair short; get a mum bob

Getting pregnant again was also thrown in there, but I think we’ll just side line that one for now!

I don’t think there is one tailored for all remedy for postpartum hair loss, but while you busy yourself with trying out the above list the main thing you should note is that you are not alone. Postpartum hair loss is normal and all part of the shitty process that so many of us silently endure. Don’t #keepmum share your stories and remedies or tips in the comments below.

Much love,

Berrit & The Boos xxxx


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  1. Chrissa

    The Best thing I found to help with my postpartum hair shedding was getting recommended a postpartum hair vitamin meant to replenish vitamins shed after having the baby. I went through a period where I tried scalp oil drops (greasy hair), collagen in drinks ( I couldn’t get past the taste). And then my obgyn shared these with me and honestly its been a game changer. It has biotin, collagen, b12, vitamin a, folate, and a mineral blend — in a gummy form (thank goodness). I’ve taken almost 3 months and its helped slow the shedding and seems like the texture of my hair isn’t as thin or dry. They tend to sell out but I order the Baby Blues postpartum vitamins. Just sharing – i consider them my mom hack

    1. Booberrit

      Wow! Thanks for that, very helpful. I think it’s such a difficult topic to find help with as so many people feel too ashamed to talk about it. But pretty much every woman I’ve spoken to has had this issue postpartum! Thanks for the shout and good advice!!!

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