Gift Ideas: Wedding Anniversary

It’s so easy to side line yourself and let your wedding anniversary slide. Particularly if like me you’ve no idea what to gift the man in your life. I mean he basically had all his dreams full-filled the day he married me! Right? Seriously though (yes I was only joking, kind of), simply making time to mark the day and celebrate even in the most simplest of style, can be a real relationship boost. Especially if like most parents you’re rushed off your feet running after the every need of your small humans. I really struggle to engage my brain when it comes to creative gift ideas. There’s only so many times you can renew their sock drawer! Don’t fear though, it’s a time old problem.


Over the ages and dated way back to ‘way back when’, a collection of traditional (UK) present themes have accumulated. Listed here from years 1-60 with matching gift suggestion for you to Pin.

1 Paper

2 Cotton

3 Leather

4 Linen

5 Wood

6 Sweets

7 Wool

8 Salt

9 Copper

10 Tin

11 Steel

12 Silk

13 Lace

14 Ivory

15 Crystal

16 Silverware

17 Furniture

18 Porcelain

19 Bronze

20 China

21 Brass

22 Copper

23 Silver Plate

24 Opal

25 Silver

26 Picture

27 Sculpture

28 Orchids

29 Furniture

30 Pearl

35 Coral

40 Ruby

50 Gold

60 Diamond


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