DIY: SPF30 Tinted Moisturiser

If like me you’re struggling for a good tinted moisturiser, then why not try this DIY SPF30 tinted moisturiser. With only two basic ingredients and costing less than a tenner, you’ll have enough tinted elixir to last the entire summer.

What You Need

To have a crack at some make up DIY SPF30 tinted moisturiser you will need the following items:

1 empty bottle with a squirt pump, applicator. I’m using an old, empty Cien Q10 bottle

Instant tan. I’m using Sun Shimmer by Rimmel, in medium matte – £3.99. Currently on offer at B&M.

A kids bottle of SPF 30 sunblock. I’m using Nivea sun for kids, because it’s water resistant but also kinder to you skin because it’s been developed for children’s skin. – £1.99. Also presently on offer at B&M

How To Make it

It honestly couldn’t be simpler, but the result is super effective! To mix up your DIY SPF30 tinted moisturiser simply put 1/3 tinter to 2/3 sun block into your empty pump bottle, close the lid and shake vigorously. Keep shaking, until the entire contents has mixed into a dark, creamy coffee. Your tinted SPF cocktail is now ready to apply!


apply this DIY SPF30 as your base foundation or as an effective tinted moisturiser. For me and especially now I’ve hit forty its important to keep my skin moisturised, yet protected from the sun all whilst not loading my skin up too heavily with product. Tinted moisturiser for me gives both a perfect base and finish to my daily look. Remember to focus tint on the areas of your face that protrude the most as this is where you naturally catch the sun and the kind of natural glow you want to mimic. So think chin, nose, cheek bones and fore head.

Making sure to wear a good SPF is so important! Do you use a tinted moisturiser? What are your favourite DIY make-up hacks? Share them in the comments below.

All my love,

Berrit x

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  1. Tina Bailey

    Love this! I bought a new BB cream yesterday with factor 20 in for this reason. Wish I’d read your post first lol xx

    1. Booberrit

      It’s so basic, but it gives the best protection and finish. I used to always struggle with wearing sunblock and then make up on top!

  2. Emily cooper

    Such a great idea. I’ll be trying this

    1. Booberrit

      it’s the best cover and protection I’ve found!

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