Days Out: Ordsall Hall

Slap bang in the middle of Salford, is a gorgeous oasis and perfect family day out! Ordsall hall, managed by Salford Community Leisure is a Grade 1 listed Tudor mansion. And perfect for Days out with little ones (or not), rain or shine!

A glorious piece of 15th century (and earlier) architecture. To survive, Ordsall has diversified and embedded itself deep into the community. From wedding and up-cycling events to horticultural classes and ghost tours. The staff bounce with excitement at the chance to share their gloriously rich piece of history. Insisting it belongs to us all!

As ornate and beautiful a lot of the grounds and buildings are, the curators have managed to create a very tactile experience. Perfect for adults and children to submerge themselves in the history that floods the mansion. And with stories of witches and noble men its feels like a fully interactive fairy tale.

First Rate Facilities

As a mum I was blown away with what the venue had to offer. The baby changing toilets were on point. It was a breath of fresh air to see that no pomp or snobbery had been faffed about. Lifts for buggies and wheel chairs had been included in the restoration of the building. Wide walk ways made navigating with a buggy very easy and accommodating staff with impeccable customer service left me buzzing. I often find going to heritage venues with kids quite stressful! Here however, I was encouraged to take things in my stride.

Mum Friendly

I really appreciated the trouble that they had gone to in welcoming me as a mum. With signs up all over the place letting me know as a breastfeeder I wasn’t just welcome, but that if I needed anything the staff were there to assist. Making my experience as comfortable as possible.

I went with just P this time. But I shall definitely be going back with Theon in tow too. Especially after finding out that they also have a weekly mum and baby mornings costing a meagre £1 per session! If you’re local and in need of a mummy/baby group or even just a nice cuppa with the kids. I fully recommend you pop in. And even if you’re not local they’re so well positioned with bus and tram routes landing you almost at their doors.

Top tip

Keep an eye out for free veg! Left out in wheel barrows. You’ll find free, organic, surplus harvest. All from the onsite allotments. Up for grabs to visitors and passers by.

Get out, go explore!

Much love,

Berrit x

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  1. Jason

    Every family should have this on their list to out , visit places and see things. It creates this great bond amongst family members. Great post.

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