Family Faves: Our Top 5 Apps


Utilising your phone and downloading top apps as tools to help with the juggle struggle of modern life, need not be a matter of stretching the limits of screen time. Our top 5 apps, help bring us together as a family. Whether that’s by saving us money and time or offering us a soundtrack to back drop our day and inspire. Here are our family’s top 5 fave apps (in no particular order).


5% off every purchase even sale. I love the design and cut of their organic cotton kids wear. Plus they do make the perfect winter pull overs!

Elmo ABCs

Great for on the go as no internet needed to use it. The perfect educational distractor for my Elmo obsessed Toddler.


TV & radio for all the family on the go. There’s always something to watch or listen to and the choice of live or archived is brilliant especially during road trips or stuck in hot, child unfriendly waiting rooms. Or just for grabbing five minutes of unadulterated, child-free loo time.


Now we’ve Baloo (our beloved family pooch), I now have one extra mouth to feed, life to sustain and zero extra time to spend! Gula a vet video consultation app allows me to check in instantly with any doggy Q’s I have, without having to pack up the kids and leave the house to attend a clinic. 


Having a hobby is good for the mind and soul but Pinterest is more than that for me. Its helped me plan trips, dec out the kids room, stay in tune with fads and fashions and allowed me to be creative from the comfort of my couch. Its also gotten me through some gruelling late night/early morning breast feeding sessions, coffee can only do so much!

What apps do you swear by? We’d love to know so, drop us a comment below!

Much love, 

Berrit x


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