Pregnancy Birth & Baby: The Bounty App #AD

Living so far away from all our loved ones means I tend to get by with a little help from my phone (rather than friends). My apps are my everything! With the Bounty; pregnancy, birth and baby app being the latest to join my main screen.

I kind of wish I’d found it sooner. It not only has all the go to articles on everything ‘mum and baby’, there’s the sleep tracker and daily Penelope tailored, developmental markers. You can also synchronise it to your hospital and access your notes through it! I literally could not count for you the amount of times/places I’ve left my notes. From toilets to trams to my knicker drawer and even at work. It’s too late to save me from that awkward explanation (I never did find out if they believed I was holding it for a friend). But, it can help me track P’s sleep. From total hours per day to the average duration of her naps. It even counts the amount of ‘sleeps’ she’s had, great for feeding a bit of structure and routine back into my life! With a toddler to tame as well as a newborn and now young baby, setting her sleep pattern has been, well a nightmare. But now I’ve got it all logged from the convenience of my phone.


It also allows you quick access to all your pregnancy and mum to be Bounty pack vouchers and discount coupons and codes. From mat bras, online grocery shops and child friendly bedroom furniture to sleep aids and matching mini mum outfits.

Then there’s the free stuff! I’ve just ordered our free Toucan Easter Craft set. Perfect for distracting Theon so I can focus a bit more on Penelope. It’s so hard trying to squeeze in one on one time with her, without neglecting his needs. Or exacerbating my mum guilt! But it’s Bounty, they know that! They’ve been producing and adapting their mum packs since 1959!

Not Just An App

For me the best element of the app is the fact that it keeps you well informed and in the loop. You’ve not got to stress about trawling Dr.Google. Or fear that last minute dash to gather all your hospital paperwork. You just open your phone, click on the app and let Bounty take some of the weight off. I guess the point is every little helps and this helps a lot, so why the hell not have it? We, all of us could use a little extra support.

Quickly becoming the UK’s leading pregnancy app. Almost 70% of UK maternity/prenatal clinics and hospitals recommend the Bounty app which is available for both Apple and Android phones.

Now, if only they’d find a way to sync it with my kettle, I may never have to leave the couch ever again! That is apart from to breast feed, nappy change, wean prep, make/clear up messy play, find shoes, negotiate shoe wearage, shoe lace tying, bath time, bed time, wake ups, night terrors, teething, teeth brushing, hair brushing, meal making, nourishment negotiation, playgroup, nursery…

Berrit x

Disclaimer: This is a paid AD however, all opinions within this article are my own.

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  1. Amy

    Interesting view, definitely a good way to keep up while being stressed and ran out of brain power

    1. Booberrit

      Yeah I’ve found it really useful!

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