Shopping Haul: Birthday On A Budget

Every birthday I have an annual shopping splurge. However, it’s a bit of a tradition for me to also see how many discounts and freebies I can wangle. I mean it’s hardly retail therapy if you bankrupt yourself! Using a combination of coupons, points cards and my wits this year I managed to to bag myself a pretty decent haul.

What I got

So, this time around my birthday bounty included all of the following for free.

•Free coffee & cake for 2.5 people

•Free eye cooling gel

•£5 Body Shop voucher which combined with in store offers meant I was able to get a £9 concealer pen, absolutely free

•£5 H&M voucher again combined with in store discounts and offers meant I was able to get 3 kids dresses (£2.99 each) for free

•Free Pizza

How Did I Do It?

Basically with a combination of apps and loyalty cards. For the coffee and cake I used some of my Costa loyalty card points. I collect them through out the year. They covered the cost of cake and coffee for Yiannis and I. I then requested a free babyccino for Theon.

The eye cooling gel was from Boots (£1.50). For this I used my Boots Loyalty card points to pay.

The £5 voucher from Body Shops is a yearly gift the store gives to its loyalty card holders, as a birthday gift (no purchase needed). This combined with their current BOGOHP offer meant that I was able to get a concealer pen (£9) and make up finishing spray (£8) for £8. Meaning that the concealer was basically free!

My £5 voucher for H&M came from using the H&M app to clock up points. Combined with their current 25% off kids wear I was able to buy 3 summer dresses (£2.99 each) and a pair of trainers for P (£9.99) for just £9.21. I should have paid £18.96. A total saving of 9.74!

For lunch I used my Tesco Club Card, points vouchers to eat at Pizza Express. Tesco will triple your points for you to eat out. I had £5 worth of points which became £15 to spend at Pizza Express. So I had their new Vegan Mezze Pizza (£14.40).

With my total freebie count for the day totalling in at: £45.74

I can’t be the only one who loves a good bargain, what about you? Tell us your tips and cheats for bagging a bargain in the comments below!

Until then, happy couponing!

Berrit x

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