Maternal Mental Health: #MumsMatter

This week is Maternal Mental health week. This years theme being #MumsMatter. It’s a week long campaign aimed at raising awareness of mental illness in women during pregnancy and after. Having suffered quite badly with Postpartum anxiety and general depression due to the loneliness that motherhood can often entail, this is a cause very close to my heart. But you don’t have to be a mum for this to matter to you too!

Don’t #Keepmum

Through my own campaigning I’ve been fortunate enough to meet lots of different people from varying walks of life and family set ups. What quickly became clear to me is that all of us (no matter if parents or not), come from a family in some shape or form. We live in an age now rife with depression and anxiety across all demographics. And as communities we are often divided as to where we should filter our funds in order to combat such issues. I personally believe that if more was done to support families we would actively see a decrease in mental health issues across all groups. We, each of us after all came from somemum! And as any parent knows, it’s not just you’re own mental health you’re responsible for.

What Can You Do?

It really does take a village to raise a child. However, it only takes one person to instigate change!

Meet other mums through apps like MummySocial to organise Mummy Meets and Coffee mornings.

Support charities and small local organisations like The Mums Well Being Group, by making a small donation or volunteering your time.

Follow influencers such as The No Filter Mum

Join us with our Don’t #keepmum campaign. Post and tag your photos across social media to help raise awareness or email me: to see how you can get involved with our next free, family friendly event.

Ultimately: get up, get out, stand strong and take strength in knowing that you are not a lone and you most definitely matter!

All my love,

Berrit x

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