Ragu: Rainbow Pasta

Ragu is another meal staple for our family. Referred to as Rainbow Pasta by Theon. I love it because it’s one of the easiest ways to get the kids to eat veg. For some reason they’ll eat pretty much anything as long as it comes with pasta or is chips! Although he tends to eat more than he chops, Theon often helps me make it.


For enough Ragu to serve 6 you will need:

• 4 spring onions

• 2 carrots

• 2 cloves of garlic

• 6 rashers of bacon (optional)

• Pasta

• 1 tea spoon of oregano

• Olive oil

•Half a standard tub of Passata


• Part boil your pasta. You don’t want it fully cooked. Once done, drain and put to the side.

• Chop all your veg

• Heat a frying pan with a large drizzle of Extra Virgin (preferably Cretan) olive oil, once hot add the veg

• Let the veg brown off

• Once sizzling add a glass of water

• Once your veg is cooked through add your pasta and mix

•Once your pasta is fully cooked, again put to one side, while you chop and fry the bacon. *If you want to make this a meat free dish just simply skip out this step!*

•Add the bacon to your pasta and veg mix and put back on the heat

•Sprinkle on the oregano and pour the passata over the top and stir, until everything is cooked through

Now there’s nothing left to do except get yo carb on and eat the rainbow!

Berrit x



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