Chillin’ The Ef Out: My Top 5

When in doubt, chill out! Here’s our top 5 to chillin’ the ef out! Because let’s face it having to adult is effing difficult without the add on of mini me’s and all the other niggly naggly annoyances of motherhood. I love my life buuuut…


Not just on your birthday, schedule a ‘You’ time bath in once a week. That’s not to say you should only aim to bathe once a week, but that you should make time to chill out. Take enough time to be able to have a long, decadent, over indulgent soak at least once a week! And if you’re coupled up you should be committed to helping one another achieve this goal-child free! Stop laughing I effing mean it!

Peppermint Tea

Theres nothing like a warm cup of peppermint to restore some normalitea! Famed for its health benefits from reducing bloats to helping to relieve tension head aches. The smell alone is enough to chill me the F@%k down!

Lavender Oil

Just before I gave birth to Theon it was suggested that I add some lavender oil to my labour bag. I can honestly say it’s gone a LONG way to getting me through both my labours. I don’t know why or how, but that little bottle of old lady essence grounded me like a big floral hug.


There’s nothing I love more than flowers to brighten up even the most gloomiest of days .When I’ve a little extra cash it’s the first thing I splash out on, especially for others that I think could do with a ‘pick me up’. But there’s also something empowering about going out and buying yourself a bunch. The best day to buy flowers (if you’re on a tight budget) is Sunday! New orders/deliveries (especially for supermarkets) tend to come in on a Monday and so the previous weeks blooms will often have a sell by date of Sunday, when they are heavily marked down to make way for the next pending shipment.

Blanket Forts

Just for kids?-Fudge off! If you’re feel down or stressed the Ef out, call the office and tell Karen you’re taking a dooner day! Hang up your adulting hat, ignore life for 24 hours, gather every mafoofin’ blanket you have and build yourself a god damn cashmere chasm, a knitted womb if you will. A full blown HD, comfort blanket, fort. Then fill it with treats galore and eat your way back out again! Like a chocolate fuelled, cloth covered, rebirth. Yeah I mean it!

How do you chill out? For me I think the best bit of advice my mum ever gave me was to just not sweat the small stuff and make time to breathe. Life is hard and it is so easy to neglect yourself, especially if you have others who need your primary care. But use that responsibility to remind yourself how important you are. That it’s in everyone’s best interest that you refuel and chill. Because if you fail your MOT they’re all screwed!

Peace, now go chill the fuck out!

Much love,

Berrit x

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  1. Raven Black

    These are some great tips (except the lavender oil, totally give me a headache)

    My chill out normally includes a cup of coffee and an audiobook 🙂

    1. Booberrit

      I can totally understand that with lavender it’s a very strong fragrance! But any way you can find to recentre read and ground yourself is great!

  2. Yaya

    Loved this! Bath for me everytime!

    1. Booberrit

      Definitely! It’s a great way to just take some quality chill time!

  3. joyon

    Love this, will definitely try it out. It can’t be work all the time, i need my time

    1. Booberrit


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