Top Home Hacks : Bathroom Renovation 101

Home renovations can be a bitch! And there aint no renovation like a bathroom renovation. That’s why Pinterest is currently my safe space. But there’s so much bathroom renovation inspiration out there. I’ve been non stop pinning for a month now. If like us, you’ve recently moved house, you’ll know it’s all go! The perfect bathroom being a renovatees ultimate renovation utopia.


Bathroom Renovation

Blue, blue, I want all the blue. I think the key to any bathroom is picking whatever your chill out colour is. At the minute I’m really loving icey, muted blues. I love how as a shade it bounces the light, without being too nude.

Bathroom Renovation, Tiles

For our own bathroom renovation I’m torn between using the flooring of the bathroom to add texture and detail to what at the moment is a very large, plain space. I love the symmetry and blues of this tile pattern.

I love how clean and anti-mumlife these letter box tiles look, but not sure they’re exactly what I’m looking for.

I also love the idea of tiled nooks and cubbys for toiletries to be kept. Tiling is a great way to incorporate function into a room like a bathroom or kitchen, without losing the look. But I really need to start thinking about how deep into renovations I want to get, all this bathroom inspo can go to your head!

Now although these tiles aren’t exactly my cup of tea I love how the richness of the dark mahogany complements the blue and sets of the white of the bath. I also like the idea of large tiles to fill a space quickly and with ease. It’s also a great way to safe on the budget!


Apart from being beautiful and adding a lush depth to a room, plants are also a very practical addition to any room. Great for cleaning toxins out of the air. Some plants can even live solely from the moisture created within a bathroom. Be smart about the plants you pick. The right piece of flora can uplift the look of a room and even improve your mental health and well being! 

To Bathe or not to bathe?

What do you think, where do you get your bathroom inspiration? I’m off to create a mood board. And totally ignore the fact that this will involve being bathroom-less for at least a fortnight with two toddlers! Help a sister out, comment your thoughts and ideas below.

Much love,

Berrit x

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