Nothing Compares To You: Covid Competitive

Anyone else feel like everyones gone Covid competitive? “It’s a saturated and competitive market. But, nothing compares to you, you’re your own niche.” Was the first bit of advice I received when I first began blogging. Out of one race and into another! We’re all at it, it would seem. Joining the productivity race and comparing our every, single move.

From baking to home schooling, hair butchering, weight loss and crafting to baby sitting, working from home and banking an income. Whilst getting up, getting dressed and maintaining some level of hydration higher than that of a Ryvita.

For me

Working from home, at the best of times can be demanding. My productivity mostly weighed down by an over burdened and buckling bridge of expectations. And here’s where the good bit of this entire shit show, kicks into play; we’re now all playing on an even pitch! So, quit competing and start lowering expectations.

The Tick List

The truth is if you’re feeling a certain way or experiencing something that’s giving you a case of the WTAFs, just say it out loud. I can guarantee at least 5 other people will step forward and say “Thank fuck for that, me too!”

I think at some point over the past 9 weeks all of us have felt some combination of the following- tick them off, it’s therapeutic! Now step back and look over your list and at all that we’ve achieved! 🙂

The Cure

  • Don’t feel guilty. Everyone is coping in their own way.
  • Don’t let panic blind you. It’s easy to be a busy fool and to get nothing done because you’re so busy stressing!
  • Try not to read a tone into text. Train your default settings to read everything with an upbeat tone.
  • Minimise time spent on social media. When you go to bed, leave your phone downstairs or in another room to charge, while you sleep.
  • Remember pictures paint 1000 words, but it doesn’t make them factual! A constant feed of still shots can give the illusion that everyone (bar you) is leading a near-perfect life. It’s simply not true!
  • Execute with confidence. Let the words of Lizzo be your daily mantra: “I do my hair toss, check my nails. Baby how you feelin’? Feeling good as hell!” If you believe in you, the rest will follow.
  • Under promise and over deliver. Don’t just be a yes (wo)man! Be honest about what you can’t do. And then set about smashing it out the park. Promising 10 and only give 9, will always be deemed a failure. However, if you promised 5 and deliver 8, you’ll be deemed a hero!
  • It’s ok to acknowledge your weaknesses. In fact it’s human and means you’re not a sociopath. But don’t buy into those feeling of imposture syndrome. Recognise your strengths and don’t be afraid to showcase them.
  • Don’t equate productivity with quantity of completed work. Good productivity is work done to a high standard. Whether that be deep cleaning the fridge of getting a good ROI for a well executed campaign/project.
  • Find happiness in the work you do. A lot of our stress levels come from the stress we feel from the work we do. Contentment can beat this. Whether that be find a dream position for a firm you love or just finding the joy in the tasks you do to fulfil your current role. Allow yourself to feel happy even in the shittest of situations. Everything serves a purpose in your life, just focus on what that purpose is!

I say to you, whether you’re a parent with a routine, whinging it by the seat of your pants, are fierce at crafting or struggling to balance worksheets and workflows, just stop. Put the kettle on, take five and recalibrate. We’re none of us doing anything wrong and some of us doing ok, both are fine. This is not a competition so don’t get covid competitive.

What have you done today to be kind to yourself?


Berrit x

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