Autumn: Happy Halloween Hacks

I know it’s not an English custom, but I love Halloween! It’s a great lead into Autumn. Here are our happy halloween hacks. Anything to take the edge of autumn and the drawing in of dark nights.

No.1 Halloween Hack: Pumpkin Picking

It’s an obvious one. However it is the perfect days distraction for the kids and a brilliant way to support your local community of farmers. Do a bit of research and find farms that offer free entry and have lots of activities for all the family! We recently spent the day at Cattow Farm, where we enjoyed afternoon tea, lessons on falconry and hay bail climbing all on top of the usual pumpkin patch pickings and petting of farm animals.

It also doubled up as great Halloween inspiration. The farm had been decorated using lots of cheap but effective ideas from hay brooms to skeleton DJ’s and scary mary berry cupcakes.

The greatest of all Halloween hacks, perfect for keeping the kids happy and not wasting all your time stressing about baking. Shop bought cupcakes, decorated with halloween themed sweeties. Because if your cake skills are anything like mine, your Victoria sponge makes a mean dunking biscuit!


Use your craft supplies and get crafty. A great halloween hack is to use the contents of your recycle bins to conjure up devilishly deadly delights!

Festive Food

A good way to get the kids to eat healthily is to put some spooky snacks together! Add a splash of orange to rice crispie treats using dried apricots, carve out apple jack-o-laterns or simply pop a tiny wedge of cucumber on top of a satsuma to make mini pumpkins.


Use every nook and cranny you can find to decorate and adorn with pumpkin paraphernalia. Most of all don’t stick to just dressing up the inside of your home. Line doorsteps with pumpkins and even, dot them around your garden. For as little as 75p per kilo, they’re a great way to add a splash of autumn colour and a cheap winter warmer, once smashed and souped up!

What ever you do this Halloween make sure it’s a happy one!

Much love,

Berrit x

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  1. Nice ideas! I like Halloween too, and that whole weekend with All Saint’s Day and Day of the Dead. As you say, it adds something special to a time of year which could otherwise feel a little drab x #kidsandkreativity

    1. Booberrit

      Exactly! And why not!? 🍂

  2. Emma

    I agree with you, we love everything Halloween, we’ve been pumpkin picking and made spooky treats and we have even had a spooky themed party for my youngest’s 1st birthday last weekend! We have harvested the pumpkins we have grown on the allotment and they’re decorating our home. It’s just so lovely, full of Autumn colours and a way of appreciating nature’s harvest! #KidsandKreativity

    1. Booberrit

      Love this and so true is just another lovely way to embrace the changing of the seasons! 😊

  3. Kerry

    Yes we are all about Halloween here! The house will be adorned with decorations this weekend, and we’ve been busy doing some more Halloween crafts, and I’ll be making some more themed treats for our tea party next Thursday. Great ideas here! Thanks for linking up with #KidsandKreativity, really hope to see you back next time

    1. Booberrit

      That’s amazing! I look forward to seeing what you make x

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