Christmas Eve Boxes: What’s In Yours?

It can often be a headache trying to think what you should put in your kids Christmas Eve box. Or in deed if your kids should have them at all! Before becoming ‘mum’ (i.e. barer of joy, organiser of fun, main ’cause’ (blame) cited for all future therapy needed by my offspring) I really felt that Christmas Eve boxes were over kill. And don’t get me wrong, in a lot of ways they are! But, I started to think about my own childhood Christmases and the fact of the matter was, my mother did often let us open a small gift the night before the big day. Often, I realise now as a way to regain some calm.


Christmas Eve is the last hurdle for a child in the climax to Christmas. Weeks and weeks of build up of excitement and okayed over indulgence. Something that come Boxing Day you have to start reprogramming out of them. That’s why for me, our Christmas Eve boxes are simply an extension of bedtime. Each child is given new P.J’s and a new book, neither of which are Christmas themed. This way the items within the Christmas Eve box also become an extension of the memories we made at Christmas and not  Christmas itself. And we can reencounter these memories each night through out the up and coming year.


The key for me is that a Christmas Eve Box should be something that promotes happiness through out the family. A tool for me to aid in the move towards bed. And a soother for them, to bring them back down from all the over anticipation. Stepping away from a Christmas theme means it’s also not just a one off, throw away item. Who wants to wear Santa PJ’s in Spring? Kids always need Pyjamas and reading books together before bed is a great bonding way to wind down at the end of the day.

Another big player in what we gift the kids is the fact that Mum and Dad need sleep too! Therefore as a rule I refuse to let any part of Christmas bankrupt us and least of all, something like this which is, lets face it an added gesture. Call me a joy sponge if you like, G often does! But, I want my family to be happy for more than just one day out of the year. Therefore, I will not be loosing any sleep over how I can keep up with the Jones’!


So, that’s all well and good but, what books and Sleep sets have we chosen this year!? Well, for me the best quality, nicest fit and cutest styles of pyjamas are always found at GAP kids. We went for the Buffalo plaid tartan in red for both kids. Because if you don’t match your kids night wear at Christmas, are you even parents? Originally £19.99 we got them for £9.49 in one of their 50% off pre-Christmas sales, with an added 5% off for using the app.

To accompany the P.J’s and add to their bedtime routine is a book each. For P I’ve chosen one of my all time childhood favourites; Alice In Wonderland. A re-edited first readers, Disney edition, which I picked up from Home Bargains. At just £1.49 it was an absolute steal. For T we were really lucky to be gifted ‘Animalphabet’ by Pan MacMillan*. The latest offering from Julia Donaldson, author of the best selling, modern classic ‘The Gruffalo’. Animalphabet is a stunningly beautiful book, which with the use of colour and origami goes through the letters of the alphabet using the animal kingdom. Each page beautifully unfolds, with peep holes, over lays and flaps to peak through. Every page turn presenting a new, exquisitely illustrated animal. The perfect gift for animal loving Theon, who’s currently obsessed with singing the alphabet and shouting the phrase: “what’s that!?”

Whatever you do this year, whether you Christmas Eve Box or not. We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

much love,

The Boos & The Berrit xxxxx

*Although, Animalphabet was gifted to us, all opinions within this article, on the book are our own.


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  1. Emily

    I think Christmas Eve boxes are a lovely idea and great for entertaining the kids the day before Xmas.
    We put a hot chocolate sachet to go with the Christmas dvd before bed, a Christmas book, Christmas PJ’s and a colouring/sticker book in ours for entertainment. We also put the stuff ready for Santa and his reindeer in there e.g. reindeer food. The kids love it 🙂

    1. Booberrit

      Wow! Lucky kids, some fab ideas!!!

  2. Olivia

    Yes to Christmas Eve box !! And big yesss to animalphabet 🥰♥️

    1. Booberrit

      Totally! And as for the book, I wish I could frame each page, it’s so beautiful!

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