Loungewear Sets: *Gifted by Femme Luxe

Last months loungewear post was so popular we thought we’d go full comfy casual and try out some more loungewear sets from Femme Luxe. They’ve really upped their effortless game with their latest collection. With sporty twin sets and endless slogan tees. And so many gorgeous colour splashes and loose fits, they’ve got those lazy summer days sorted.

Everyday Slay 

For a good couch slouch I’ve mixed my black ‘La Femme’ slogan tee with the leggings from one of the block twinsets (£13.99) that I received. This t-shirt amazingly is only £6.99!

Whether you need an outfit to run your errands in something to glamorously sup your gin, in their loungewear sets are perfect for mixing and matching. Perfect for maximum wear and minimum lockdown laundry! This time I went for one of their matching white tee and leggings combos as well as hooded loungewear set. Brilliant for day to day activities, working out or just layering up on cooler nights in the garden.

Regular priceGrey and black, oversized hoodies and shorts loungewear set (Ariyah), £17.99. Comes in multiple colours from sizes 6 through to 16.

Slogan Tees 

Not gonna lie here, I’m slightly addicted to their current slogan tee range. Made from light cotton and loosely tailored, they’re so easy to wear during the current heatwave. And as a mum of two under four (struggling to find the will let alone the time), it’s vital I can quickly dress an outfit up or down!

This White Leopard Print ‘Femme La Mode’ slogan print T-shirt looks great on and off the couch, in or out the house. I’ve channeled Carol Baskin and matched it to my Topshop leopard print tennis shoes.

What are your favourite loungewear staples? Share your shouts in the comments below.


Berrit x

*This is an unpaid Ad. All clothes listed in this article were gifted to me by Femme Luxe however, all opinions are my own.

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