TWENTY QUESTIONS: With Our Transitional Life

In this episode of Twenty Questions I “meet” Kelly and Zoey from ‘Our Transitional Life‘. A home education, LGBTQ+ family blog covering everyday Cardiff life. As well as the antics of their two children, George and Molly, and fur babe, Ziggy. Sit down, grab a cuppa this ones a gooden!


1) Twenty questions?

Come on then.

2) How did you meet?

In a pub, in Cardiff on a very drunken night out.

3) 20s or 30s

Feel in our 20s but be in our 30s!

4) Shoes or cake?

Shoes, every time!

5) Top tip to staying cool during a live?

Kelly: Be honest if you make mistake and blunder on. Zoey: We just wing it every time. It’s just fun, us being us.

6) Who has more fun blondes or red heads?

Kelly: Zoey! Zoey: The colour of your hair doesn’t define how much fun you could have.

7) Fingers or toes?


8) Lockdown lazy or isolation crazy?

Zoey: It’s a bit of a mix Kelly: NO! Isolation crazy, although I’ve enjoyed the afternoon naps.

9) Pet peeve?

Kelly: Ignorance Zoey: I agree. It used to be the word vile! Kelly: I love that word! Zoey: I know! Kelly: Ha I’ve numbed you to it, lol!

10) Home made and wholesome or take out and nomsome?

Kelly: Homemade and wholesome, Zoey: I do like a cheeky take out now and then.

11) One inamimate object you can’t live witout

Kelly: My laptop. Zoey: My make-up bag.

12) Your all time favourite movie?

Kelly: It’s a Wonderful Life Zoey: It used to be School of Rock, but it has to be The Descent.

13) Cocktail or Mocktail

Kelly: Mocktail, these days. Zoey: Cocktail, everytime!

14) What’s your favourite emoji?

Kelly: Zombie Zoey: Laughing, crying face.

15) What did you dream about last night?

Kelly: I have no idea, I can barely remember my dreams these days. Zoey: I can’t remember last nights but I’ve been meaning to tell you about a dream I had the other day.

16) First thing you did this morning.

Kelly: Had a wee and then exercised. Zoey: The same!

17) BBQs or picnics?

Kelly: Picnics Zoey: BBQs

18) You get given your own country, what do you name it?

Kelly: Bohemia Zoey: Beyoumany

19) Whats the first law you instate?

Kelly: If you can’t be kind get out! Zoey: Yeah treat everyone equally.

20) Whats the key to a long, healthy relationship?

Kelly: Humour Zoey: Honesty

Thank you

A huge thank you to Kelly and Zoey, who both totally stole my heart with this one. I was overwhelmed with how much effort they put into producing their episode!

If you haven’t already, go follow Kelly and Zoey’s blog it’s focused on sharing their experiences and life as a transgender family. Educating and offering support, whether you’re transgender or supporting someone who is.

In the meantime why not watch their full interview below:

Much love,

Berrit x

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