Halfords Bike Trailer Review: 5 Ways We Love It!

Halfords Bike Trailer Review

Our Halfords bike trailer arrived last week. It’s good to note that this is not a paid review! We thought we’d do an unpaid review for anyone else searching for bike trailers, theres a lot out there. Halfords in no way have asked us to do this and we have paid for the trailer ourselves. Having the trailer is a potential game changer for the entire family, as in theory it means that G and I can get out and exercise with the kids in tow. It also means that whilst without a car we can get out past our own inner city block and take the kids on adventures and fun away from maximizing muscle gain the house. Emphasis on theory!

What Is The Halfords Bike Trailer?

The Halfords bike trailer is a double child bike trailer. For transporting the kids while you’re out cycling. The idea being that it is a great way for kids to join in with family bike rides, whilst ensuring that they are safe, secure and comfortable.

Halfords claim it’s easy to assemble in up to 10 minutes with a universal coupler which will attach to any bike frame. Safety and security is increased by the high visibility flag, safety harness, bug screen and rain shield. And can facilitate an enjoyable and relaxed riding experience with your children taking in all the sights and sounds together.

Features of The Halfords Bike Trailer

The following are the stated list of features for the Halfords bike trailer:

  • 2 seats with safety harnesses
  • Easy to assemble with only up to 10 minutes assembly time
  • Fits all bikes
  • Capable of safely carrying 36kg (18kg per child including luggage)
  • Max height: 105cm
  • Universal coupler attaches easily to your bicycle
  • Bug screen and rain shield protects your child in adverse weather conditions
  • High visibility flag increases visibility to other road users
  • Folds flat for simple storage and transport
  • Storage pockets for supplies and cycling essentials
  • Also suitable for pets due to adjustable seat base
  • It can be transformed into a buggy however, the kit is not included and Halfords do not stock it

Set Up

We decided to trial the Halfords bike trailer out on a near by, easy level cycle route. It was relatively hassle free to tow and navigated well without disturbing G’s ability to balance or gain momentum. It was also quite simple to put together although in reality set up took around 20 minutes.

It’s quite a tight squeeze for two kids, which on one hand does actually make it safer and more snug, especially for cosying up under a blanket. However, it does mean it’s probably not great for siblings that don’t get on well, or in our case for the threenager when the toddler kicks off!


We chose the Halfords bike trailer for three reasons. 1: It appeared to be the safest options, I worried a little about being able to balance the bike with P squirming around in a seat. 2: It offered a lot of extra space for carrying bags and supplies, which with two kids in tow is a must. 3: Was because at £100 it was the cheapest option we could find. The cheapest option we could find for purchasing two individual chairs was around £250.

The trailer also has a lot of room and compartments for storage. With elasticated pockets on the inside, at either side big enough for drinks beakers and a snack or toy. The back of the bike also has an almost boot-style compartment big enough for us to pack the change bag, coats and blankets. Additional to this it also boosts pannier style pockets with secure velcro fastenings which was great for wallets and phones etc. In fact a good distraction was to set one of the mobile phones up with the kids favourite playlist and leave it to play on full volume, in the safety of one of the back pockets.

What we found was that practice and theory are definitely not the same! And that it’s not as simple as strapping the kids in and cycling off on your jollies. Getting them used to being in the trailer is a work in progress. However, for the most part they really enjoyed the ride and it really did allow us as a family to enjoy the outdoors and exercise collectively, without a car or having to lug a squillion bags of varying parent paraphernalia!

Usability Score

When it comes to usability for the Halfords bike trailer, we’ve scored it 3.5/5. And here’s why. The quality of materials for this trailer are a little cheap compared to it’s pricier counter parts, but are still robust enough to do the job. It was a little disappointing that the trailer was advertised as being able to change into a buggy – this would have been perfect for camping trips. Only problem; the kit to adapt the trailer is not included and Halfords don’t stock the kit so you can’t purchase it from them separately either. However, it does more than serve its purpose, it is durable and it offers lots of storage space. The cover is great for using the trailer in all weathers, but for younger children can be a bit of a hazard as it can be easily removed in motion.

It’d be great to hear your tips and tricks for getting out on bikes with the kids. So, drop your hacks in the comments below.

Go forth and cycle!


Berrit x

NB: Please not all photos of the children in the trailer are whilst we are stopped and parked and therefore with the screen cover open and pulled back. Whilst in transit this should always be down to protect the passengers from any debris that might be kicked up by the bike wheels.

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  1. tap

    your blog is great and i like it very much. I’m also a big fan of writing down goals and keeping up with them for that very same reason–to see my progress and get encouraged to keep going. If there’s no feeling of progress, then motivation can dwindle before you accomplish what you set out to. Great article!

    1. Booberrit

      Thank you!!!! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me cover/review! x

    1. Booberrit

      Wow! Thank you x

  2. Abby

    Brilliant review, we’ve just purchased one after reading this. One thing to note incase anyone else purchases one based on this review – the trailer should never be used without the included cover. The fly screen protects the children from any flicked up dirt / stones from the bike tyres. The instructions are quite specific about this!

    1. Booberrit

      Thanks for your insights.

  3. Rebecca Adams

    This is a great review! I have just purchased this trailer so thank you. I am struggling to find the additional parts to convert the trailer into a stroller. Do you happen to know where I can purchase these from at all? I have looked everywhere!

    1. Booberrit

      I’ve had the exact same issue!!! This was if I’m honest what originally won me over when doing my initial search. But having been to multiple Halford stores the separate parts for converting to a buggy seem to be out of stock everywhere! The next best option is to try Ebay! I will also Tweet Halfords now as there are quite a few of us asking the same question and it really is a great trailer!

  4. Rachael

    We’ve just bought this trailer so we can get out and about more with our 1yr old. I’m a bit worried that he’ll slump in the harness because there’s not another child in the other seat to wedge him in! Has anyone else used with just one child please? We’re considering repurposing the harnesses so he sits in the centre with a bit of padding either side, but don’t want to compromise on safety! Thanks.

    1. Booberrit

      I have and for our pug. What I think you’ll find is that the space in the back sits two quite ‘snug’ and so even with just one child there won’t be much room left around them. What I do is to strap my lighter rucksack (normally the one with the snacks and blankets in) into the empty seat so, that if they nod off mid ride, they have something to lean into. I also did a test run with my little girl in it, just up and down our street so that my husband could watch to see how secure she was and if there was any movement.

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