R&R: Part *Gifted By VetYogi

The first wax melts I ever received were gifted by VetYogi. I think Chloe some how sensed an overdue need for some serious R&R. So it was our friendship bloomed, rooted in an understanding of just how overwhelmed we each felt. Frustrated by how very minute our first world problems were in the greater scheme of things, and yet how epically gargantuan they felt within the confines of our locked down homes.

What’s VetYogi?

Not so much what as who! Meet Chloe; Veterinarian and Yogi, the mastermind behind the VetYogi enterprise.

Vets deal with hugely emotive and difficult scenarios, every day. Because of this their profession has one of the highest suicide rates. Add in a heavy work schedule and a pandemic to the mix and you’ve the perfect concoction for disaster. Taking time for R&R is vital, but taking ‘me time’ is something most veterinary professionals are still very under skilled at doing!

Now more than ever self-care and mental health awareness are much needed amongst the veterinary community. VetYogi have tasked themselves with finding shareable methods of coping and thriving. Who better to know what R&R is needed than another veterinary professional?

How Did VetYogi Start?

VetYogi was born in 2017. Their aim: to provide yoga services designed by veterinary professionals, for veterinary! Since its conception, they’ve taught group and private yoga classes for veterinary professionals, run retreats in NZ for vets and nurses, and have appeared at multiple veterinary conferences. And of course working with overly stretched mums, like me who work within the industry whilst also juggling the struggle of full time child care!


Why Yoga For Relaxation?

I’ve always been a fan of yoga, but my ability to get out or concentrate on any sequence just became so difficult once the kids got here. I had always separated the two. Then I saw how responsive Theon was to yoga and had a ‘mumaste’ moment. I discussed with Chloe how she might be able to put some relevant, short sequences together. Videos that could be easily followed (especially during lockdown). Together we worked on some R&R centric content. Movements and sequences that could easily be learnt, but also stimulating for all the family, pets included!

Layer this in with the calm and soothing scents of their wax melts and candles and you’ve the perfect R&R platform to recenter.

What’s The wax?

using natural essential oils and a vegan soy/British rapeseed oil wax blend – one of the most eco-friendly wax choices on the market. These hand-poured melts come in a pack of two, are presented in a simple yet stylish gift bag, and will fragrance your space for hours! Or alternatively if like me you feel they are too lovely to burn simply pop them in a drawer or hang them up for a burst of scent. 

Bed Time Routine

I’m currently burning the ‘Calm’ candle as part of my end of day routine. I take 5 minutes to shut everything off and just breathe. Once the kids are in bed and I’ve brushed my teeth I begin. I start by focussing only on my breaths and using the scent of the candle to keep me focussed and grounded. Then I stretch out my body limb by limb, working from my toes, up to my head and out into my arms. When I’m done, I extinguish the candle, put my phone on charge downstairs and make my way up to bed. This whole process makes me feel so lifted and perfectly prepped for sleep.

How do you rest and relax? Let us know in the comments below.


Berrit x

*This is an unpaid review. Some of the products mentioned in this article were kindly gifted to us by VetYogi. However, all opinions are our own.

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