Travel: Flying With Kids During Covid19

When it comes to travel flying with kids during Covid19 has been a hot topic of conversation this summer. And on my stories everyone has been completely split. Traveling with kids can be a headache at the best of times. But traveling during Covid19 has put a lot of people off.

What Do You Need?

Not a lot more than you would traveling at any time previous to 2020. You will however, need the following:

•To complete a PLF (Passenger Locator Form)

•Mask for anyone over the age of 11 other than those with medical exemptions

•Sanitiser wipes

•Lots of small toys, games for distraction, screens for distraction

Your PLF must be completed 48 hrs before flying from the UK. It basically states where you will be visiting/ staying and is part of the track and trace system should anyone in your party or on your flight become ill.

I suggest having a few masks packed in different places. We’re all still getting used to wearing them but they are mandatory for the entirety of your flight. I also found having them for the kids (even though I didn’t need them) reduced my anxiety.

Hand sanitiser can be taken aboard the plane in your carry on. But it must be carried through in a clear bag and in no more than a 100ml bottle. I suggest buying packs of the sanitiser wipes, especially when traveling with kids!

Currently all flights now have the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign on for the entire stretch of the flight. This is to stop people walking up and down the aisles and congregating by the toilets. Which to be honest was fine, but it does me kids need to sit still in their seats for the whole flight.

How Difficult Was It?

In all honesty the most difficult part was the anticipation of going into the unknown. The reality was; the airports were a lot quieter. The plane was less packed to allow for space between strangers. Everyone was behaving themselves! Truth be told I think possibly this may even be the best time to travel with kids!


For many of those deciding to hold off on over seas travel this year the pros of vaycaying closer to home out weighed the anxiety driven cons. In all honesty I get it. We cancelled our trip at Easter. Then at varying times were still unsure as to whether we would fly. But, Greece is our second home. It’s part of our children’s culture and where half our family live. So, we felt it necessary to come check in on our loved ones. Would we have flown if we hadn’t had that as a motivator? Possibly not. But, we’re more than glad we did.

Lockdown and then extended lock down as well as working full time from home and home schooling (as most of you know) was exhausting. Having this break away, checking in on fam and getting a good boost of vitamin sea has been rejuvenating for all our souls.

Until next time stay safe,

Berrit x

If you want more info on traveling to Greece with a small child, at this time. Why not check out The Frenchie Mummy’s post on her trip to Crete with the family.

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  1. A Wild

    Very helpful info! Thanks x

    1. Booberrit

      Traveling with kids is stressful at the best of times! I hope this helps a little x

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