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After having Theon, one of the biggest shocks for me socially was the lack of food places to eat with kids that had the facilities for them. From changing baby bums in foyes. To feeling too self conscious as a new mum to breastfeed in public, that I’d have to do the feed of shame on the loo.


Really great kids food. It’s often difficult to get the balance between food kids will eat and a decent plate of food for them. Zizzi’s bambini menu takes standard kids recovery techniques in muscle growth dishes like pizza or fish and chips and makes them from good quality, fresh ingredients. Above is their translation of traditional fish and chips. The dish comes with peas and tomato with and veg stick starter and two scoops of icream for less than a tenner.

The changing facilities are not above and beyond but they always have the standard basic. Cleaning standards are always high.

They were really on it with both the covid guidelines and covering off all food allergies and intolerances.

TGI Fridays

It’s a tough one because we all really love the food and service. They go above and beyond even with babies, offering free baby food with your meal. The kids always polish off everything that they serve and the facilities are good. The Jack Daniels chicken and their sweet potato fries being our go to order. But, when it comes to places to eat with kids they are often too busy to house a buggy. Additionally their booths are often high up on, layered platforms making them not so toddler friendly.


Great food, vibes and facilities but the service is often slow, which doesn’t sit well if you’ve hangry kids in tow.


OK they’re no Michelin restaurant, but when it comes to places to eat with the kids, on the fly their fast self service ordering system, table service and child friendly seating is possibly second to none.

Costa Coffee

Costa can really be hit and miss depending on it’s location and where it is housed. The toilets generally are wide enough for a buggy. Although, can be difficult to manoeuvre in if you yourself need to go to the toilet with more than one child in attendance. It can also be difficult if you’re in a shop that has a passcode activated lock; weak children’s bladders and long coffee queues can often clash! Having said that nothing beats a babiccino (often free) to distract your child, when all you want is a brew yourself.

What are your favourite family friendly restaurants? We’d love your help in growing this directory of family friendly food and facilities so, please drop your shouts in the comments below. Or email me:

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      Thank you! What are your favourite family friendly places to eat?

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