Autumn: Kids Wear Must Haves

I hate to say it, but Fall has well and truly fallen! (Moment of silence) nothing for it then but to splurge on Autumn Kids wear must haves! I’m 100% still mourning summer though. This year more than any other. 2020 has been a shit spree, summer was a slither of light relief! But baggy Autumn sweaters to hide the fact I’ve been eating my feelings and Autumn kids wear shopping sprees have been getting me through!


There’s nothing like kids, to bring colour into your life. Pre-motherhood I was very monochrome, with baby blues in the summer being my go to splash of colour. Since the kids and especially post P I just crave all the colours. My favourite this season being yellow, in every hue! And the Kids wear aisles this summer are full of this summer to autumn transitional colour. And don’t just go for the burnt, autumnal shades. Especially with kids, go bold and bright!

Thick Knits

I’m always cold and so constantly worry that the kids are not wrapped up enough. Lidl have a great selection of kids knitwear for around a fiver a piece! However, my favourite go to’s for good quality kids knitted bits are Next & Gap. We’ve had so much wear out of these two pieces (above and below).


Light up rain boots, patent leather zip up DM boots, fur lined ankle boots – all the boots! Anything warm, weather proof and easy to slip on!

These Cupcake couture patent boots are P’s all time faves, from Deichmann. They hit that sweet point between durable and cute! They’re lace up with a side zip, which means they look like big kids shoes but without the ballache! And I wish I could find them in my size!

Rain Suits

Head to toe waterproofing! Lidl again have won my vote with their matching rain sets and boots for less than £15 a child. We found wellies, waterproof trousers and and raincoats in various colours and patterns. And I scored major mum points for the fact the boots light up! But the greatest win is that they wipe down and stop actual clothes from getting dirty!

What are your favourite Autumn kids wear pieces this year? Share your finds in the comments below!

Stay warm,

Berrit x


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