Summer To Autumn: Transition Your Wardrobe

It’s happened, we’ve finally stepped over from Summer to Autumn. Which can only mean one thing! It’s time to transition your wardrobe. And who better to help than the lovely Jodie.

Hey Boobies! I always feel like September is a time for change, children go back to school, the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. Personally, this month has been absolutely mad for me, I was made redundant, got a new job AND I turned a whole year older. Talk about everything happening at once.

With that in mind, I wanted to explore how to transition your wardrobe. Dressing and layering up your Summer pieces into Autumn, and beyond. If you’re anything like me, we can’t all afford to buy a whole new wardrobe every season so longevity is key. Not only that, but more than 300,000 tonnes of used clothing go to landfill in the UK each year. So not only are you saving money, you can act all smug in the knowledge that you’re also helping to save the planet.

Now, according to Vogue balloon sleeves are here to stay. Which is music to my ears. I have lived in this giant white shirt dress from H&M all Summer. To make it more suitable for A/W I have layered over this UNIQLO sweater vest, thick socks and a pair of Dr. Marten Mary Janes. As it gets colder, I will definitely put some black tights underneath for extra cosy points!

You’ll have seen this zebra skirt in a previous post, for a more dressed up look. This season I’m going to be wearing it with jumpers and converse. I am not anti-buying and this new purple sweater from ASOS is going to be a firm favourite over the winter months. It’s so soft and brings a well needed pop of colour during these dreary months! For a more paired back outfit, I wore the skirt with a basic knitted jumper from Primark for work. Who says dressing for the office needs to be boring?!

There are also a few easy ways I’d recommend to Autumn up your outfits

  • BLAZERS – If you’ve been reading my last few pieces, you’ll already know I love a blazer as they’re just so versatile, stick one over your summer dress and pair with boots for a laid-back look.
  • ROLL NECKS – Under dresses, under jumpers, under t-shirts… you get the jist.
  • CARDIGANS and JUMPERS – I mean, pretty self-explanatory. But similarly, to a blazer, putting a baggy cardigan or jumper over your summer outfits gets you a couple of months extra wear throughout the year!
  • ACCESSORIES – By this I mean, hats, scarves, gloves – they don’t have to be boring and once you get over thinking “omg is everyone looking at this thing on my head?!” or “do they know I’ve never worn this furry leopard print bucket hat before?!” – might be only me that one. You’ll never look back.

I want to hear your Autumn outfit tips, let me know in the comments!



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  1. Natalie Barletta

    I love these looks. And, you can’t go wrong with a cardigan for transitioning!

    1. Booberrit

      100%! And what a weekend to start wrapping up!

  2. Jupiter Hadley

    What good advise – also who doesn’t love a warm jumper!

    1. Booberrit

      I invested in a ‘shoat’ today, I think I may just live in it until Easter! -It’s SO cosy 🙂

  3. ngwafu

    Dont forget about THICK socks – love a good sock! but love the looks too, great advice will definitely be taking some of these on 🙂

    1. Booberrit

      I think I could write an entire article just on sock and tights! 🙂

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