Where to Eat: Leicester’s Best Eateries

Leicester is possibly one of the most under-rated cities when it comes to food. However as one of the UK’s most multicultural cities knowing where to eat in Leicester is like being handed the keys to the city. So here’s where to eat, Leicester’s best eateries.

Where to Go for Child Friendly Fun

Leicester's best eateries
Treetop Golf Leicester

Most restaurants in Leicester these days are hugely accommodating to children. Treetop Golf in Leicester takes the idea of family fun to the next level. Take in a couple rounds of crazy golf and then sit down for pizza and non alcoholic cocktails.

Sweet Treats in Leicester

Over the past decade Leicester’s city centre has developed with sonic speed and along with it’s development and expansion has followed a rich and eclectic selection of desert shops and cafes. Now, arguably some of these eateries are more a treat for the eye and obviously inspired by a generation of instagrammers looking for picture perfect, grid popping pics. And with the ‘experience’ in mind I’ve included an array of multi-sensory venues.

First up is Doughnotts; donuts made differently! This cute little, 80’s inspired treat shop hosts an array of doughnuts dipped, dusted and deep-filled. Tip one doughnut is more than enough for two people! These are definitely deserts you’ll need to share, so make sure to get them boxed up so you can finish them later.

If you wants something a bit more refined and with the option to also order savoury dishes why not try tea room and patisserie opened by former Great British Bake Off contestant Ali Imdad. Found on Market street and promising an experience you can’t get anywhere I’d argue that the decor and set up is rather passe.

In their defence I’d also argue we dined there on the wrong day of the year. Post New Years and on a bank holiday much of the menu was out of stock which was slightly disappointing. However, the bits they got right were on point. In particular their macarons. There hot drinks were also visually pleasing, but having wanted to try something different I ordered the macha latte and I hate to say it, but it was pretty meh. But and there is a but, its worth going for the experience, their brownies are to die for and I’m told their standard afternoon tea is hugely popular. Plus the kids loved their icecream and mini macarons!


The Bottle garden for me is by far one of the best places to dine in Leicester in the summer. Safely located in St.Martin’s Square means that as a mama I can dine Al Fresco and feeling rather metropolitan with my mocktini, while the kids run off their energy in and out the shrubbery of the square.

Their meze style boards are epically filled with various Mediterranean faves to keep everyone happy. The kids especially loved their pita, hummus and pink lemonade.

Where to eat in Leicester

Out Side the City Centre

Away from the city centre you’ll find lots of different retail parks and smaller village hangouts. For a huge selection of mainstream food outlets and entertain try the Meridian Park. Our favourite eatery there being Chiquitos. Designed for families, you’ll get kids menus that come with colouring activities and crayons as standard, large dinning booths to accommodate everyone including buggies and wheel chair users.

Popular for those wanting to get their burrito fill (our kids included), mine and G’s favourite is actually the surf and turf option. One thing we can always agree on however is that it has to be churros for desert!

Market Bosworth

Just outside of Leicester, Market Bosworth is a small rural market town in the heart of rural Leicestershire. The town offers many attractions, activities and opportunities as its location is ideal for visits to other nearby towns and villages, as well as some major attractions. The last significant battle of the Wars of the Roses, the battle of Bosworth was kind of a big deal, back in the day! Fast forward to present day and this once battlefield has become one of the most peaceful places to dine and recline.

If you’re looking for a place to hunker down and fill your boots with fancy fuel, then The Black Horse is the place for you. With some of the most finest pub grub going it offers both in and outdoor dining. With exceptional service, it’s easily to while away and entire afternoon there and come out a dress size or too larger than when you went in.

Just over the road is Maison Rose, also know by locals as the pink palace. Maison Rose is a patisserie that feels like it’s been plucked directly out of the centre of Paris.

Be Emily for the afternoon and book in for their afternoon tea. Their chocolate OPera slices and giant Macarons will have you in a sweet comma, in need of what honestly is the best cup of coffee we’ve ever had in the UK.

But what are you waiting for? Go, go now, try them all and let us know what you think! Where’s you favourite place to dine? Share your shouts in the comments below.

Sweet love,

Berrit x

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