Home made: ice tea face mask

Revitalise and refresh without having to stretch the purse strings! With this homemade ice tea face mask. 100% vegan and mum friendly. Having just gotten over a bout of Shingles this has helped put a smile back on my resting mum face.


  • 1x unwaxed lemon (sliced)
  • 2x tea bags – if you suffer with acne use caffeine free, otherwise caffeinated tea bags will help to give your skin a boost
  • 1/2 a glass of water
  • A handful of ice cubes
  • 2 sensitive or free from baby wipes – in the video I’ve used Aldi sensitive baby wipes as thats what I had to hand until pay day. But, I actually prefer to use a neutral wipe as this way you can also drink the tea after! Which is also a good boosting, hydrating cleanser for the body.
  • Scissors


  • Add the ice cubes to the half glass of water
  • Throw in your tea bags and lemon slices
  • stir
  • Fully immerse your first baby wipe in the water
  • Before doing the same to your second baby wipe, use scissors to cut two eye holes
  • Allow 5 minutes. While the baby wipes sit in the ice cold water and the tea infuses with the lemon.
  • Lightly squeeze out the baby wipes and place them accordingly on to your face. Applying them loosely around your mouth and nose, allowing for yourself to breath! It’s kind of important!
  • Dab firmly around your eyes, upper cheek bones and forehead, so that the baby wipes stick into place
  • Get comfy
  • squeeze out the tea bags and place one on each eye
  • Top the tea bags with a slice of lemon
  • Then sit back and allow the cooling effect of the ice cold wipes sooth and tighten your skin
  • Once done, wipe off any residue, put on your favourite head band and you are ready to start your make up routine. Eye bag free with peachy skin


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  1. India Charlotte

    Such a cool idea, I had never heard of a tea based facemask, definitely going to give it a try x

    1. Booberrit

      It’s invigorating!

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