Reducing Puffy Eyes: A How To*

Reducing puffy eyes and battling the mum bags seems to be a constant war, since having the kids. And normally I’d just deal. But with an increase of events and the need to, you know, protect others from not being able to un-see my sallow, greying eye sockets. I needed some easy, mum-friendly make-up tips. Because the worse the bags get, the harder I find it to apply cover-up. So, I reached out to my Insta-friends (that little village in my phone). Here’s our collective how to for reducing puffy eyes.

*This article contains product that was gifted to me, but all opinions on any Neal’s Yard products mentioned are all my own.

Insta Story Tips

Here are the top most popular tips and make-up shout outs from our Instagram followers:

“Benefit do a great eye concealer, hides a lot!”

“Hourglass primer and a tinted moisturiser, then ambient light powder.”

“Baby face primer for the win! It’ll make your foundation sit so much better!”

“Brush eyebrows up, for an instant eye lift.”

“La prairie”

“2 small dots of concealer on the inner eye, one on the outer eye, then blend down with fingers.”

“YSL Touche eclat all the way.”

“Used, chilled tea bags put on the eyes will help reduce puffy eyes and take away any painful bruising from over rubbing.”


The greatest gift you give your skin is moisture.

•Water – drink lots of it! Not a fan then infuse it with fruit or try a relaxing tea.

•A long relaxing soak in the bath is a great way to replenish the moisture lost from a hard day chasing kids.

•Moisturiser, in my humble opinion it doesn’t need to be experience. Just use it often!

•SPF; wearing any level of factor to protect your skin from the sun is always going to be better than not wearing any at all. Instead of a bb cream I tend to use factor 40 sun lotion mixed with Body Shop’s shade adjusting drops

Neal’s Yard

It turns out that one of our followers is a Neal’s Yard rep. Rebecca Lawrence wrote in to suggest we try some of her products, made specifically for reducing puffy eyes. Watch the video below to see how I got on with what she sent over.


Self care is a buzz word that’s easier said than done. But it’s vital for self preservation and that of your people. At least once a day take a solid second just to chill! The fact remains, that nature’s greatest replenisher is sleep. So up your disco naps, pile the kids off to the g’rentals, have a day of back to back CBeebies and couch surfing. How ever you do it, just do it. Do whatever you can to catch a ‘Z’ or three or five….hundred.

But ultimately; be kind to yourself,

Berrit x

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